Vinos Pijoan is the result of a dream, a passion, a complete change of direction at an unexpected moment. Since 2002 our family business has become known for exceptional quality and for being pioneers in the emerging and dynamic scene of Mexican wines.



Our wines

We define our wines as honest, as we are intimately engaged at each stage of production in the winemaking process. Based in the burgeoning wine region of Valle de Guadalupe, we seek to express the elegance and distinct character of the wine valleys of Baja California.




A process of total respect towards wine. Wines that we care for, tend for. Wines without chemical tricks. Our limited production of only 2500 cases allows us to work with great care.




Visit us! Our authentic boutique winery is the perfect setting to relax, enjoy the beautiful Valle de Guadalupe scenery and taste unique and fantastic wines. To try our wines in their place of origin adds a whole new dimension to the wine-tasting experience.




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