Family Series

Our first 5 wines pay tribute to the women who have deeply influenced the life of Pau Pijoan: his mother, wife and three daughters. In 2008, he created Carmen Maria in honor of his sister and in 2009 he created Manel, a port red, in honor of his father. In all of his creations, Pau attempts to match the character and lifestyle of each family member to their according wine.
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Convertible Series

It started out as a joke; the Red Convertible represented the epitome of dreaming during a midlife crisis. “If I can’t buy myself a red convertible then, I’ll make one my self!” was Pau’s “solution”. After the unexpected success of this wine then came the Pink Convertible. Using underestimated grape varieties that grow in the Baja California valleys, both wines became reminders that our dreams tend to show up in unexpected modalities.

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Coordenadas Series

The Coordenadas project is a quest, both personal and of other Mexican winemakers, to produce great quality wines in regions outside our own country. [product_category category="serie-coordenadas" orderby="date" order="asc"]